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Top U.S. 2024 Contenders Aren’t Fans, and Rivals Are Way Behind]]>, 28 Aug 2023 16:42:33 +00002023-08-28T18:19:08.050+00:00Win McNamee<![CDATA[Protocol Village: Shibarium Bridge Opens for Token Withdrawals ]]>, 28 Aug 2023 14:51:14 +00002023-08-28T18:53:47.304+00:00MICHAEL MCKINNEY<![CDATA[Binance’s Belgian Customers to Use Polish Entity in Bid to Escape Regulators’ Ban]]>, 28 Aug 2023 14:36:08 +00002023-08-28T20:28:46.649+00:00<![CDATA[The Bitcoin Circular Economy Battles Entrenched Mindsets in El Salvador]]>, 28 Aug 2023 14:28:11 +00002023-08-28T14:42:04.733+00:00bitcoin beach, bitcoin in el salvador, bukele. bitcoin plan, bitcoin usage in el salvador, bitcoin usage in bitcoin beach, circular bitcoin economy, bitcoin circular economy, bitcoin circular use in el salvador, Jonathan Martin<![CDATA[Solana-Based Automation Startup Clockwork to Shut Down]]>, 28 Aug 2023 12:18:38 +00002023-08-28T17:47:22.800+00:00<![CDATA[Bitcoin Slumps Under $26K as Bearish Outlook Engulfs Crypto Market ]]>, 28 Aug 2023 11:10:47 +00002023-08-28T15:18:08.614+00:00bitcoin, btc, bearish<![CDATA[Ethereum's Daily Transaction Fees Drops to 8-Month Low of $2.8M]]>, 28 Aug 2023 11:09:39 +00002023-08-28T20:22:31.532+00:00Ethereum, Transaction Fees<![CDATA[Indian Billionaire Mukesh Ambani's Firm Will Explore Blockchain Platforms and CBDCs]]>, 28 Aug 2023 10:52:18 +00002023-08-28T10:52:18.755+00:00Reliance, Jio Financial Services, CBDCs, India, Mukesh Ambani<![CDATA[Robinhood Revealed to Be Third-Largest Bitcoin Holder With $3B in BTC]]>, 28 Aug 2023 10:02:36 +00002023-08-28T23:00:14.950+00:00bitcoin, btc, trading, robinhood<![CDATA[Shiba Inu’s Highly Anticipated Shibarium Bridge Is Now 'Fully Functional']]>, 28 Aug 2023 08:02:39 +00002023-08-28T20:27:35.453+00:00shib, shiba inu, shibarium, blockchain, defi, tokens<![CDATA[Bitcoin Traders Remain Fearful of 'Tail Risk' Amid Renewed Price Lull: Observers]]>, 28 Aug 2023 06:51:05 +00002023-08-28T06:51:05.385+00:00<![CDATA[Pepecoin Says 'Bad Actors' on Team Stole $15M PEPE]]>, 28 Aug 2023 06:37:36 +00002023-08-28T11:08:02.831+00:00pepecoin, pepe, trading, on-chain data<![CDATA[Sam Bankman-Fried's Defense Renews Push for 'Temporary Release' Ahead of October Trial]]>, 28 Aug 2023 03:19:26 +00002023-08-28T15:18:57.675+00:00<![CDATA[Visa and Mastercard Distancing Themselves From Binance Unlikely to Hurt the Crypto Exchange: Experts]]>, 25 Aug 2023 20:48:41 +00002023-08-28T20:29:33.047+00:00<![CDATA[When Did Privacy Become a Bad Word?]]>, 25 Aug 2023 20:18:39 +00002023-08-25T20:23:12.458+00:00privacy, privacy rights, us privacy rights, tornado cash, tornado cash sanctions, tornado cash arrests, miller whitehouse levine, amanda tuminelli, defi education fund<![CDATA[RETRACTION: Opinion Article on Justin Sun ]]>, 25 Aug 2023 19:31:39 +00002023-08-28T19:09:31.949+00:00tether on ton, tether on tron, usdt on tron, justin sun, do kwon, sbf, sam bankman friennd, how rich is justin sun?<![CDATA[Jackson Hole: Where Fed Policy Is Decided on the Fly]]>, 25 Aug 2023 17:46:48 +00002023-08-25T17:46:48.771+00:00<![CDATA[Bitcoin Dips Below $26K, Smaller Cryptos Head Lower on Fed's Powell's Hawkish Remarks]]>, 25 Aug 2023 17:18:37 +00002023-08-25T17:18:38.269+00:00<![CDATA[Binance Delists Sanctioned Russian Banks From Peer-to-Peer Service]]>, 25 Aug 2023 17:06:39 +00002023-08-25T17:06:39.454+00:00Binance russia, Binance, Binance lawsuits<![CDATA[Sweeping U.S. Tax Proposal Met With Boos From Crypto World]]>, 25 Aug 2023 15:23:44 +00002023-08-28T15:18:34.261+00:00Jesse Hamilton<![CDATA[Fed's Powell at Jackson Hole: Prepared to Raise Rates Further if Appropriate]]>, 25 Aug 2023 14:18:00 +00002023-08-25T16:33:26.488+00:00Drew Angerer<![CDATA[Celsius Token Holders Lose Bid to Hike CEL Valuation]]>, 25 Aug 2023 13:51:17 +00002023-08-25T13:51:17.246+00:00<![CDATA[Default of Tokenized Loans on Centrifuge Puts MakerDAO’s Investment at Risk]]>, 25 Aug 2023 12:53:29 +00002023-08-25T12:53:29.434+00:00tokenized credit, MakerDAO<![CDATA[U.S. Crypto Tax Proposal Lets Miners Off the Hook, Snares ‘Some’ Decentralized Exchanges]]>, 25 Aug 2023 12:45:00 +00002023-08-25T15:57:14.626+00:00<![CDATA[Tokenization Could Improve Bond Market Efficiency, Hong Kong Regulator Says]]>, 25 Aug 2023 12:18:20 +00002023-08-25T12:18:20.461+00:00Hong Kong tokenized bonds, Hong Kong green bond<![CDATA[First Mover Americas: Bitcoin Clings to $26K as Investors Await Powell’s Speech]]>, 25 Aug 2023 12:01:16 +00002023-08-25T15:55:10.920+00:00Bitcoin, First Mover, Markets, Trading<![CDATA[Prime Trust Lost $8M in Doomed Terra Stablecoin Investment, CEO Says]]>, 25 Aug 2023 09:46:49 +00002023-08-25T09:46:49.688+00:00<![CDATA[JPMorgan Sees Limited Downside for Crypto Markets in the Near Term]]>, 25 Aug 2023 08:58:02 +00002023-08-25T15:56:41.219+00:00<![CDATA[Binance Is Contacting Low-Cap Crypto Projects in Bid to Boost Trading]]>, 25 Aug 2023 08:48:24 +00002023-08-25T08:48:25.625+00:00<![CDATA[FTX, BlockFi, Genesis Customer Data Compromised in Kroll Hack]]>, 25 Aug 2023 07:44:14 +00002023-08-25T14:41:37.036+00:00<![CDATA[Weird PEPE Transfers Spook Crypto Investors and Prompt Meme Coin's 15% Plunge]]>, 24 Aug 2023 21:31:54 +00002023-08-25T18:01:43.648+00:00<![CDATA[Tokenization News Roundup: Resource Extraction, Social Media Monetization and Real World Connections]]>, 24 Aug 2023 20:45:31 +00002023-08-24T20:45:31.127+00:00<![CDATA[Colombian Peso Stablecoin Goes Live on Polygon, Aiming for $10B Remittances Market]]>, 24 Aug 2023 20:28:27 +00002023-08-24T20:28:27.591+00:00<![CDATA[Tornado Cash Devs Are Caught in a U.S. Dragnet]]>, 24 Aug 2023 20:06:26 +00002023-08-24T20:06:27.174+00:00tornado cash, tornado cash lawsuit, tornado cash semenov, tornado cash storm, tornado cash privacy, tornado cash ofac, tornado cash arrests, tornado cash north korea<![CDATA[Coinbase Is Talking With Canadian Banking Giants to Promote Crypto]]>, 24 Aug 2023 19:43:39 +00002023-08-24T19:45:54.506+00:00coinbase canada, coinbase, canada crypto regulation, us crypto regulation, coinbase SEC, crypto crackdown<![CDATA[Ether Whales Scooped Up $94M in ETH as Price Plunged to $1.6K]]>, 24 Aug 2023 19:24:37 +00002023-08-24T19:35:45.294+00:00ETH price, ETH accumulation<![CDATA[After GOP Debate, Blockchain Bettors See Ramaswamy as Most Formidable Trump Challenger]]>, 24 Aug 2023 17:46:08 +00002023-08-25T18:00:53.561+00:00<![CDATA[Coinbase, in Uncharted Territory as Public Company Running Blockchain, Pledges Neutrality]]>, 24 Aug 2023 16:00:00 +00002023-08-24T17:27:30.499+00:00<![CDATA[Bitcoin Gives Up Gains, Slips Below $26K Ahead of Fed's Jerome Powell at Jackson Hole]]>, 24 Aug 2023 15:59:57 +00002023-08-24T17:59:42.581+00:00BTC price, crypto Jackson Hole<![CDATA[Fiduciary Duty During Uncertain Times]]>, 24 Aug 2023 15:45:00 +00002023-08-24T15:45:00.114+00:00<![CDATA[PancakeSwap Version 3 Goes Live on Ethereum Layer 2 Linea Mainnet]]>, 24 Aug 2023 14:24:41 +00002023-08-24T14:25:56.863+00:00cake, pancakeswap, defi, linea<![CDATA[Binance's Ether Futures See Lowest Open Interest Since July 2022]]>, 24 Aug 2023 12:59:16 +00002023-08-24T12:59:16.559+00:00<![CDATA[First Mover Americas: Bitcoin Jumps to $26.5K as Trading Volume Increases ]]>, 24 Aug 2023 12:30:40 +00002023-08-24T12:30:40.467+00:00Bitcoin, First Mover, Markets, Trading<![CDATA[Sam Bankman-Fried’s Lawyers Given Green Light for Unlimited Prison Visits]]>, 24 Aug 2023 11:25:31 +00002023-08-24T15:46:09.539+00:00Elizabeth Napolitano<![CDATA[Donald Trump NFTs Surge After Tucker Carlson Interview]]>, 24 Aug 2023 11:21:41 +00002023-08-24T11:21:41.360+00:00