Money Reimagined 1:1

A Rant | The Labyrinth of Digital Feudalism’s Grip and the Quest for Intentionality

We're talking Monopolies shaping our digital world and why we might want to steer toward intentional empowerment in this age.

August 23, 2023

Ever find yourself in the seamless clutches of Google's ecosystem? It's like being swept into a digital whirlpool with no exit strategy. And guess what, this is more than just about one company—it's a symphony of significant players orchestrating our digital dependencies.

In another intriguing episode of "Money Reimagined," our ever-curious host, Sheila Warren, takes center stage as she embarks on a rant, alongside co-host Michael Casey, with a passionate reflection on her morning skirmish with Google and its pervasive grasp of digital feudalism. Get ready, as she delves into how the snares of convenience shackle us all in an intricate web of modern existence.

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