When you arrive at St. Matthew, you will be warmly welcomed by one of our members.  You will be offered a bulletin that will help to guide you through the service.  We are happy to assist you with seating if you need it.


Worship begins with the clergy welcoming everyone.  Announcements are read after the last hymn is sung.  The congregation will then follow the procession out in an orderly fashion.

Worship Book

In our tradition, The Book of Alternative Services (BAS) guides us through the service.  In the bulletin, page numbers for the BAS are indicated by ”p.xx”.


When it comes time for Holy Communion, the priest and the layperson will move from the altar to the floor in front of the congregation to disburse the bread and wine. In serving Communion, the priest will offer the bread, saying, "The body of Christ".  Next the priest will offer the cup of wine, saying, "The blood of salvation."  You may ask the priest for a gluten-free wafer.

After receiving the bread or wine, it is customary to respond by saying, “Amen,” or by simply nodding your head.

(Note:  Anyone who has been baptized according to any church tradition is welcome to receive communion.  If anyone has not been baptized, he or she is welcome to receive a blessing of prayer instead.)

After having received communion, you may return to your seat.

Morning Prayer

Morning prayer may be held the last Sunday of each month.


After announcements, a recessional hymn is sung, during which the clergy and lay people exit.  A benediction is offered similar to, "Go out to serve and love the Lord."  At this point, the service is over.

Refreshments and Fellowship

After worship each Sunday, all are welcome to gather downstairs for a light lunch and visiting. 

Sunday School

Sunday School is available during adult worship based on the youngsters in attendance. Sunday-school goers can rejoin their families before Communion.

We are Accessible for the Disabled

The north side of the church contains disabled parking, a ramp at the entrance and a lift to the sanctuary.