As a vibrant and welcoming parish family, we seek sustainable growth by contributing spiritual strength, value and service to the community thus bringing people into a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ our Lord.


St. Matthew Anglican Church is located at 2161 Winnipeg Street, an area settled by immigrants and was often referred to as 'German Town".

The origins of our parish began with a small 20 foot by 30 foot wood frame structure to commemorate the life and work of Grace Broder. Grace was an avid Sunday School teacher and daughter of the esteemed George Broder, early farmer, land developer and pioneer on the Pile of Bones prairies. The little white structure named Grace Church was consecrated in 1910. In 1913 the rectory (house), that stands today, was built.

Our Building

From these humble beginnings, Grace Church was transformed into the cathedral-designed building by the well known Regina architect, Frank H. Portnall, retained to draw the plans and in 1915, a ‘basement church’ was built south of the rectory which became St. Matthew Anglican Church. The original Grace Church building became the church hall.

By the end of World War I, many lives around the world were lost. A rich part of our history is an anonymous English mother who chose to commemorate the life and death of her only son, who served in the military, by donating the funds to complete the building of St. Matthew. Our church, as we know it today, was completed and furnished in 1926 by this generous and loving mother. Her solicitor from London, England represented her at the dedication. To commemorate the Broder family, Grace Broder Chapel area was designed and built into the south side of the church building.

In the 1980s the entrance on the north west side of the building was removed and replaced with a larger entrance. In the spring of 2000 it was decided that further work was needed on the north side which included an accessible wheelchair entrance and washroom, and the elevator. As well, the Elsie Parkinson Room (named in her honour) was made possible by her very generous donation. The room included the nursery and the Sunday school rooms, meeting space and a much needed larger Rector's office.

Our Story in Stained Glass

St. Matthew has been called one of the loveliest churches in Western Canada. It has the quiet dignity of the Anglo Roman, which stems from the Romanesque, and the added grace of Gothic windows.

The architect, Frank Portnall came to Regina in the first decade after it became a city. He was a very serious artist who did not believe in designing a building for utility alone. It is the windows that give shape, pattern and colour, with the play of light on the walls and decorative elements that give the impression of spiritual life in the church.  These magnificent windows each tell a story, whether it be in dedication to a faithful parishioner or telling of earlier events in the history of St. Matthew Church and the Diocese of Qu'Appelle.  As an example In The Sanctuary you will find the Rose Window, a circular form of violet, rose and blues, surrounding two mystic figures is a focus for the eyes to come to the sanctuary. It was given by the family of George Broder, who gave a part of his farm land for the church.  The two small windows that flank the Rose Window in the sanctuary are of St. George on the north wall and St. Michael on the south. These were given by Mrs. Coward-Robinson in memory of Arnold Coward and Helen Coward-Robinson.  A detailed history book with colored pictures and the story of each of the 23 window is at the Visitors table to view and a pamphlet is available for you to take home.

Heritage Property

The building was designated by the City of Regina in June 20, 2005 as a Municipal Heritage Property. With the assistance of a number of charitable foundations and donations from members and friends of the parish our work to maintain and restore our beautiful heritage church continues.