We are blessed to have an enthusiastic membership of over 20 women who continue to play an integral part in St. Matthew Church.  The ACW has been actively involved in our outreach and fund raising and hospitality programs and services and consists of helping:

Hope's Home:  In the early building years of Hope's Home there were fund raisers in support of this first day care in Canada for medically challenged children.  This critical and much needed program continues to grow and expand beyond the borders of our City.

Mission Work: A number of successful public awareness and fund raisers where held to help build a hospital in Muyenga, Africa - located in one of the poorest and most destitute parts of Africa.  With the inspirational work by Rev. Blair and Karen Dixon and the labour and love of the local people, this hospital was recently opened to provide life saving health care in the region.

First Nations:  Assisted the work of our clergy with camping programs for Muskowekwan and Gordon First Nations.

Over the years the ACW has provided resources, money, food and support to a variety of local outreach areas such as Autism, the Chip and Dales Homes, the Salvation Army, Mental Health, Food Bank, Leader Post Christmas Cheer Fund and Senior Citizen programs.  The women take great pride in the successful and community supported Bazaar and Teas and the many other events that help so many. 

All church women are welcome to become a member of ACW.  We meet the first Thursday of the month at the church 2161 Winnipeg Street. 

Kathy Chlopan, President