Dear Members of St. Matthew:

As you are aware from the recent communications from Bishop Rob on COVID-19, we have in place guidelines for implementing precautionary measures with our parishioners, clergy and lay leaders in the Diocese of Qu'Appelle.  To restate the obvious, at the top of the list is frequent hand washing, cover your mouth when coughing and stay at home if you are unwell.  The March 7th letter from the Bishop has been available and discussed in church.  The March 16 Bishop's Notice to Suspend arrived today as we worked on our Social Distancing strategy for ongoing contact and care.    

As a reminder, we need to remain diligent, follow the science, pray and not panic.  Our provincial Chief Medical Officer, Dr. S. Shahab, continues with his message of vigilance and the practice of early social distancing which is one of the most effective measures available to slow the rate of virus transmission.  This is evident in today's announcement by the Premier of our school closures.   

We, at St. Matthew, have had many questions on what to do - come to church, stay at home, some parishioners are already self isolating.  We now have our direction and please carefully read today's letter from the Bishop on immediate suspension.

With everything changing almost day to day, we have been working on St. Matthew's social distancing strategy for ongoing prayerful contact and care; and how we can still worship together spiritually, even if we are not physically able to be in the same place.  We encourage you to still carve out time on Sundays to join in prayer with parishioners within the Diocese.  Our plans are just evolving for us, will now be expanded with the arrival of the Bishop's letter today; however, we wanted to share with you our initial thinking.  One element of the strategy will consist of resources being available to you for home use by technology or paper copy.  

For example Fr Michael and Revd Winna are investigating recordings of topics or services that are available and posting on either face book or you tube.  Links on our website to resources such as I Pray BCP, Daily Prayers, Lectionary Church of England, Time to Pray, BCP daily office (some applications are available on your mobile devices at no cost).  Many of these update automatically every day and are a valuable resource for our spiritual lives.  Need help finding these?  Please call us.

For those who prefer a paper version of resources - we have the prayer book (BCP or BAS), our Prayers for St. Matthew and the Diocesan Prayer, the Sustenance Prayers and other materials we will package for delivery to your place of residence.  Contact us please.   

Our church family needs to stay connected. Do you want to be on a phone tree?  Please let us know what you see as your most important priority? Can we assist you in delivery of  supplies?

Fr Michael Bruce: 306-591-1124 (cell), [email protected]

Rev Minna Martin: 306-536-4308 (cell), [email protected]

Mae Boa: 306-789-6683 (home), [email protected]