As you know, we have been working hard to restore and stabilize our 100-year old church building.  To date, we have upgraded the eaves, grading and weeping tile, and have replaced shingles.  Significant work was completed by heritage masonry contractors to repair the south brick walls and archways.  Stabilization of the north and south ceilings and walls with a turnbuckle and anchor rod system were also completed.  

Our next priority to stabilize the building will focus on the west wall at the back of the church.  We are grateful for the support of the Saskatchewan Community Foundation, the Lloyd and Duna Barber Family Foundation, the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation, the City of Regina, the Anglican Foundation of Canada, as well as all of the members and friends of St. Matthew for their generosity and support.

Please continue to support us with your tax deductible donation so we can carry on with this important restoration project.